Directors’ Duties

All directors have a number of duties or obligations under the Corporations Act. These duties apply whether or not the director is active in the business. These laws can also apply to managers and other staff acting in a management role.

We advise directors and managers about their obligations.

We also advise insolvency practitioners and creditors about potential claims they can bring against directors personally.

Why Kalus Kenny Intelex?

Our approach is proactive and personal. We make a point of understanding your business and the sensitivity and commercial context of your dispute before crafting a case strategy.

Litigation demystified. The complexities and pitfalls of litigation can be daunting. We make it our job to break down those barriers and develop a strategy in consultation with you that fits your commercial objectives.

The right tech for the job. We embrace the technology demands of the business world, including e-discovery review platforms and document exchange for major litigation.

We back you by backing ourselves. Your legal advice shouldn’t be hard to understand. We make a point of difference by giving clear recommendations at every step of the way, drawn from our 25 years of experience as negotiators and dispute resolution practitioners.

A different type of Litigation lawyer.

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