Copyright protects the expression of ideas, concepts and information and covers two broad categories:

  • original “works” such as literary works, dramatic works, musical works and artistic works; and
  • “subject matter other than works” such as films, sound recordings, broadcasts and published editions.

Copyright is a powerful tool that enables creators of new and original works to stop others from copying and using their creative output for themselves.

How to protect copyright

A number of challenges exist surrounding proof of copyright. In Australia there is no formal registration process for copyright ownership. Instead, copyright simply exists in works when they are created. It is important to ensure that contractual documentation contains the appropriate provisions to ensure that copyright is owned in the proper entity.

Why choose Kalus Kenny Intelex Lawyers?

The Kalus Kenny Intelex Intellectual Property Team prides itself on understanding business from the inside out. We get that your IP is your brand identity and the very essence of what gives you a competitive advantage in business. For some businesses, the IP it owns can be its most valuable asset. Our job is to assist you in piecing together the intellectual property puzzle to ensure you are properly protected.

Experience is the difference.

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