Retail leasing is a complex and ever changing area of law. The KKI lawyers specialising in retail leasing have intimate knowledge of both the legislation and case law. We have vast experience in drafting and negotiating retail leases, enforcing retail leases, negotiating market rent reviews (including engagement of specialist retail valuers) and enforcing lease breaches at VCAT.

Potential issues surrounding retail leases.

  • Determination of applicability of Act;
  • Disclosure statement in the prescribed form;
  • Tenant’s right to a 5 year term;
  • Understanding recoverable outgoings; and
  • Statutory compliance (eg. in relation to reporting obligations, exercise of options).

Why choose Kalus Kenny Intelex Lawyers?

We are experienced in acting for all types of retail landlords (shopping centres, strip shops and standalone retail premises). We are also experienced in acting for retail tenants (both Victorian and nationally). The legal parameters within which retail landlords and tenants must operate are constantly evolving and we keep ourselves up to date with these changes so we can ensure our client’s leases are properly prepared and administered throughout the term of the retail lease and upon retail lease renewals.

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