Sports Law

Like sport itself, the business of sport is dynamic, emotionally charged and highly competitive. 

With local and global experience in the sports and leisure sector, our sports law team supports professional and amateur sporting organisations, clubs/teams, athletes, sponsors and other key stakeholders in their pursuit for sporting and commercial success.  We get your game.

Our Sports Law legal expertise includes:

  • Governance
  • Organisational structuring
  • Compliance and member protection obligations
  • Integrity and judicial frameworks, policies and processes
  • Sporting rules and regulations
  • Crisis and risk management
  • Commercial contracts and arrangements
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Athlete/Talent engagement and management
  • Advocacy and representation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Privacy
  • Property, including venue acquisition, use and disposal
  • People & Culture, including employment, OH&S, impartial and compliant investigations, dispute resolution and performance management
  • Designing and executing transformational change programs
  • Media management and broadcast rights
  • High performance programs and foundations

Our Sports Law clients include:

  • National and State Sporting Organisations
  • Governing/Sanctioning Bodies
  • Peak Bodies/Associations
  • Professional/Amateur Athletes
  • Sponsors
  • Venue Owners (government and private)
  • Promoters
  • Event Managers
  • Suppliers
  • Agents

Why choose Kalus Kenny Intelex Lawyers?

When you are involved in the business of sport you need a team of professional advisors on your side.

You need to rely on lawyers who understand both the big picture and the complexities, regardless of where you are at in your game.

With over 30 years of experience in Commercial Law, our team are trusted advisors to some of Australia’s most successful sporting people. Understanding the complexities of business, family life, wealth and risk is our priority for all of our clients, and we pride ourselves on providing advice that is practical, commercial and strategic.

We get your game.

Our Sports Law Team

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Graham Fountain


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